Centennial Park Bush Society Inc was formed in 1976

The society carries out native forest restoration work in Centennial Park and in the surrounding catchment of Campbells Bay, North Shore, Auckland.

This involves removing invasive weeds, raising and planting native plants, trapping animal pests, maintaining tracks, advocating with council, and raising community awareness.

Volunteers are pivotal to the success of the society

We have many very hard working volunteers who enjoy making a difference.  We meet weekly on Wednesday mornings and once a month on weekends. We would love to have you along to help us occasionally.

Your committee

  • Richard Hursthouse, Chair
  • Jenny Chamberlain, Secretary
  • Max Thomson, Treasurer
  • Peter Aimer, Deputy Treasurer
  • Liz Goodwin
  • Joe Greig
  • Sue Rawstron
  • Dick Downing
  • Fiona Davies
  • Victoria Morris
  • Stuart George
  • Jo Broad

Our aim

The aim of the Bush Society is to increase the ecological health of Centennial Park for its long-term enjoyment.

Our objectives

To fulfil its aim and work towards its vision, the society has the following objectives:

  • Provide guardianship and protect the long term interests of the park
  • Educate the public and harness community interest
  • Advocate for flooding management and water quality
  • Work with council to achieve weed control, planting and plant management
  • Advocate for track maintenance and development
Volunteer worker Kowhai Rd
Volunteer worker Kowhai Rd