Our bird experts have recorded more than 35 different species of birds at one time or other in this area.

A small team regularly survey the bird life in the park. If you are keen to learn about the birds in the park you would be welcome to join this group on their monthly early morning walks. Contact us.

The most prominent and noisy native bird in Centennial Park has to be the tui. A nectar feeder, this bird searches out kowhai, harakeke (flax), puriri, pohutukawa and other nectar rich plants.

Tui (photo by Peter Fry)

You can download a list of the birds seen in Centennial Park – Birds of Centennial Park PDF 9KB

There are many birds missing from the park – rifleman, bellbird, whitehead, saddleback, kokako, hihi, to name a few. These birds have been driven from the area by introduced pests and now survive only in heavily predator controlled areas such as offshore sanctuaries like Tiri Tiri Matangi or mainland sanctuaries like Tawharanui and Ark in the Park.  One of the aims of CBUS is to control pests to a low level to encourage species like bellbird back to the bay.