Planting the right trees in your garden will help bring in the birds

Native trees suitable for a smaller garden include:

  • Melicytus ramiflorus  (whitey wood, mahoe),
  • Myrsine australis (red matipo, mapou),
  • Melicope ternata (wharangi),
  • Sophora chathamica (kowhai),
  • Coprosma rhamnoides (small leaved coprosma),
  • Coprosma robusta,
  • Hedycaria arborea (pigeonwood, porokaiwhiri),
  • Hebe stricta (koromiko),
  • Phormium tenax (flax, harakeke),
  • Phormium cookianum (coastal flax, wharariki),
  • Pittosporum crassifolium (karo),
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium (kohuhu),
  • Pseudopanax lessonii (coastal five finger).
  • Those lucky to have a larger garden could plant
  • Vitex lucens (puriri),
  • Belschmeidia tarairi (taraire),
  • Corynocarpus levigatus (karaka),
  • Alectryon excelsus (titoki), and
  • Podocarpus totara (totara).

Excellent native ground covers include

  • Fushia procumbens,
  • Pratia,
  • Selliera radicans,
  • Coprosma hawera.

Native hedging options include

  • Griselinea littoralis and
  • Corokia.

Take a look at the dairy garden at The Esplanade for more ideas

A quick email to the Bush Society with any queries will be gladly answered.

Native plants such as these are best sourced from a native plant nursery such as Kaipara Coast Plant Centre.

What else can I do to help?

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