Ongoing track maintenance

Each winter our track network takes a hammering from rain and walkers. We spread metal, clear the drains and improve drainage where needed.

In 2019 we worked all tracks but did some more major work on the Aberdeen track

Over summer 201/2019 we were involved with the Auckland Council funded track upgrade work in the park

We built a bypass of a major slip upper Kohekohe track 2017

A new track from the top of the Baylis Track to the top of the Park Rise track, 2016

The BNZ Closed For Good team has helped us out for many years now. In 2016 they helped build this new track. Many hands make light work.

Mamaku Track upgrades – 2013

We are extremely grateful to the 10 volunteers from DHL Canon who helped out on a section of the Mamaku Track. These guys turned up and worked really hard on a Saturday morning Sep 2013.

Kohekohe track detour 2013

BNZ Closed For Good volunteers helped out in Sep 2013 to build a new detour on the kohekohe track to bypass a muddy wet area which regularly floods. The 10 volunteers assisted 8 Bush Society workers to knock out the work in 5 hours. We were greatly assisted by an excellent sustaining morning tea put on by the team. Thank you!

Park Rise Bush Track opening
The Ribbon

Park Rise Track from Park Rise to Kowhai Rd 2011

This track was constructed almost entirely by volunteers. A small section at the Park Rise end was built by contractors Te Ngahere at a cost of $6000. This 600m track provides a lovely walking link from Park Rise to Kowhai Rd near the playcentre and was opened by a large crowd in April 2011.

Volunteers built a new section on the Mamaku Track in 2010.

This section bypasses a very steep section, slippery in winter. As time goes on this track has melded in, making it look years old.