Syzygium smithii (Acmena, monkey apple)

Weeds are invading and decimating native bush reserves all over the North Shore. Auckland has been called the weediest city in NZ. The North Shore Ecological Survey 2005 found that over 2/3 of reserves are impacted to moderate to severe degree by invasive weeds.

Why is it a problem? Invasive weeds spread into the bush by birds, wind or careless dumping by humans. They grow fast and displace native species, overwhelming the native species in the bush. This means the ecosystem which has taken thousands of years to develop is destroyed.

Volunteers are trained in weed recognition and the most effective weed control techniques. For more information on weeds and how to control them see Weedbusters or Auckland Council Pest Plants

Bush Society volunteers won a Weedbusters award in 2008 and again in 2010 for their efforts in controlling invasive weeds.

Naturalising or invasive weeds in Centennial Park