Volunteers work throughout Campbells Bay every week controlling pest plants and planting new native trees. These are some of our restoration areas.

Campbells Bay stream at Huntly Road

We have improved the riparian planting around the stream near the beach to provide a buffer for the stream and improve inanga spawning sites. See photos of one of our work days in 2016 here.

Park Rise Bush

Park Rise Bush is the 5 hectare bush remnant between the top of Park Rise and Kowhai Rd.  CPBS has been working on the restoration of this area since 2010, funding contractor weed control, working on volunteer weed control, and planting hundreds of native plants.

Kowhai Road restoration

This area was once a mass of wattle, privet, gorse, kikuyu and other junk. Over a three year period the Bush Society controlled these weeds and planted the area, with volunteers keeping the weeds under control while the seedlings grew.

Pupuke Golf Course

The Bush Society is working with the Pupuke Golf Club to reduce the weed burden around the fairways and in the plantations of the golf course and improve water quality coming off the course. Some of the work we have done includes:

  • weed control and planting at the 14th tee and edge of 14th fairway
  • installing a seat at the 14th tee in memory of the Chamberlain family
  • weed control along the edge of all the fairways
  • weed control and planting around the 11th green fence
  • weed control and planting behind the 8th tee/Park Rise accessway
  • removal of all wattles from the golf course and replanting
  • removal of approximately 50 large monkey apple trees and replacement planting
  • weed control and planting of the Kowhai Rd restoration project
  • Park Rise Bush restoration and track
  • weed control around the 15th tee area and replanting
  • weed control around the 16th tee area and replanting
  • weed control around the 4th tee area
  • paying for contractor weed control and planting in the plantations around the 17th, 4th, 8th and 5th fairways
  • removal of the dead gums in the 17th fairway plantation and in the 4th fairway plantation 2016
  • weed control and planting in the 5th fairway block above Park Rise Bush

Greville Reserve

While not strictly within the CBUS boundary we have put a lot of effort into this reserve. We paid for the removal of hundreds of monkey apple trees and for a contractor to control weeds such as ivy and climbing asparagus. Volunteers have spent many hours on weed control and planted hundreds of native plants.

Campbells Bay School Community Forest

CBUS volunteers are actively involved in maintaining the Community Forest. We fund contract weed control and visit to weed and plant the 2 Ha forest several times per year.