It is not easy knowing what plants are detrimental to the environment

But your help removing them from your land will aid our effort to restore the natural bush in Campbells Bay.

The Forest & Bird weed guide is a great resource with good pictures to aid identification and a suite of control measures.

Some of the worst weeds are:

Monkey apple or acmena (Syzygium smithii) is an Australian native which  is a serious pest in New Zealand bush. It produces thousands of fast-growing seedlings which soon smother our native bush. This is why we want all Campbells Bay’s fruiting acmena eliminated. We have now removed all large acmena from the park. If you have acmena on your section please remove them for the sake of our bush.

Please note: well trimmed acmena hedges are not a problem – they produce very little fruit.

Syzygium smithii (Acmena, monkey apple)

Rhamnus (Evergreen buckthorn) is a highly invasive pest plant. However its identification is not so easy. Most of us have a hard time identifying this plant. It is widespread in neighbouring properties particularly on the Aberdeen Rd, Beach Rd side of the park.

Rhamnus alaternus (evergreen buckthorn)

If you are unsure, one of our volunteers would be happy to visit your site to advise you.

Please dispose of your weeds properly

We still have people dumping weeds in the reserve. Many of the invasive weeds in the park have arrived this way.  If you see anyone dumping weeds in the park please take photos immediately if safe to do so and phone Auckland Council 301 0101. There are significant fines for illegally dumping weeds in a reserve.

What else can I do to help?

Find out more on our website.